The Pretzel Pizza, one of Little Caesars most successful limited-time menu items, will be back on the chain’s menu on January 28, 2019.

It’s been a long time. The last time the Pretzel Pizza was on the restaurant’s menu was four years ago, and we’ve all been patiently waiting for its return ever since.

Little Caesars Pretzel Pizza features a buttery soft pretzel crust with melted Cheddar cheese on top.

Other toppings include mozzarella cheese, muenster cheese, and pepperoni, of course.

The chain’s Pretzel Pizza is available at a suggested price of $6 at participating locations nationwide.

There’s also a new Stuffed Crust version that features a soft pretzel crust stuffed with cheese.

The new version also comes topped with melted Cheddar cheese, mozzarella and muenster cheeses, and pepperoni.

Little Caesars new Stuffed Pretzel Crust Pizza is available for a suggested price of $9 at select locations across the country.


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