Popcorn Chicken Is Back At Jack In The Box Along With New Popcorn Chicken Big Box Combo


Popcorn Chicken is back on the menu at Jack in the Box with the return of the brand’s much-anticipated Popcorn Chicken Combo 50/50 Mix.

The Popcorn Chicken Combo 50/50 Mix includes half Classic and half Spicy chicken served with a side of french fries, a drink, and dipping sauce, all for a suggested price of $5.99 (also available a la carte).

Classic Popcorn Chicken features all-white meat chicken pieces coated in a crispy-fried breading, while Spicy Popcorn Chicken consists of all-white chicken covered in a spicy buffalo breading before being deep fried.

For fans with larger appetites, the chain is also offering a new Popcorn Chicken Big Box combo that comes with Good Good sauce on the side for dipping and a Dr. Pepper drink for a suggested price of $7.99.

Popcorn Chicken can be found at participating Jack in the Box locations nationwide for a limited time.


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