White Castle Brings Back Cheesy 10-Sack Deal Alongside New Sprite Midnight And Powerade Midnight Coca-Cola Freestyle Drinks


White Castle brings back its popular Cheesy 10-Sack deal as the chain’s latest value offering at participating locations through November 27, 2022.

The Cheesy 10-Sack deal lets you mix and match any ten Cheese Sliders for a suggested price of $8.99 ($9.99 in New York, New Jersey, and Scottsdale).

Fans can pick either American, spicy jalapeño, smoked cheddar or the brand’s all-new, smoking-hot ghost pepper cheese.

Additionally, White Castle is also introducing two new Coca-Cola Freestyle soft drinks this fall, including the new Sprite Midnight and new Powerade Midnight.

Sprite Midnight features the lemon-lime taste of Sprite mixed with berry and grape flavors, while the Powerade Midnight mixes the smooth taste of grape with a citrusy splash of lemonade.

You can find the Cheesy 10-Sack deal and the two new Coca-Cola Freestyle soft drinks at participating White Castle locations nationwide for a limited time.


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