White Cheddar Mac and Cheese And Mint Chocolate Shake Return To Arby’s


Arby’s is literally shaking up the menu with the return of of its popular Mint Chocolate Shake and the White Cheddar Mac and Cheese.

The White Cheddar Mac ‘n Cheese features elbow macaroni noodles tossed in an ooey gooey creamy and smooth white cheddar cheese sauce and baked until bubbly.

The Mint Chocolate Shake, on the other hand, is a mint chocolate flavored shake topped with whipped topping and Andes candy pieces sprinkled over chocolate drizzle.

My local Arby’s has the White Cheddar Mac and Cheese going for $3.49 and the Mint Chocolate Shake for $2.99. Just keep in mind that prices may vary depending on where you live.

Both the mac and cheese and the shake are available at participating Arby’s restaurants nationwide for a limited time.


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