Burger King Updates Two For $10 Deal With Sourdough King


Burger King updates their limited time two for $10 meal deal with the Single Sourdough King.

With the new addition, the available choices for Burger King’s two for $10 deal currently include the Single Sourdough King, the Whopper, the Big Fish, 9-piece Chicken Fries, and the Original Chicken Sandwich.

The Single Sourdough King features a quarter-pound flame-grilled patty with American cheese, bacon, ketchup, and mayo on toasted sourdough slices.

For those unfamiliar with the offer, the 2 for $10 deal allows you to choose two featured entrées, two small fries, and two small drinks for 10 bucks.

Last month, Burger King brought back its popular Sourdough King sandwich lineup, which also includes the Double Sourdough King and three Sourdough King breakfast sandwiches.

You can find the updated 2 for $10 Mix n’ Match menu at participating Burger King restaurants nationwide for a limited time. No substitutions. Prices may be higher in some markets.


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