Chipotle Debuts New Trixie Mattel Pride Burrito, Kim Chi Pride Bowl And Gottmik Pride Salad As Part Of New Queen Pride Of Event


Chipotle today announced that it will be celebrating drag culture and supporting affiliated LGBTQIA+ organizations throughout June’s Pride Month by serving up realness across two different events: Chipotle Queen of Pride and a special Chipotle Drag Lunch.

Chipotle Queen of Pride

The celebration starts today with the brand’s first-ever Queen of Pride competition.

From June 1 through June 16, 2021, Chipotle will be offering the go-to order of Trixie Mattel, Kim Chi, and Gottmik through the Chipotle app and, with $1 of each entrée sold benefiting the LGBTQIA+ charity of their choice.

The drag star with the most orders over the next two weeks will win the Queen of Pride competition.

Whoever wins the competition will be crowned Chipotle Queen of Pride and receive an additional $10,000 to donate to their chosen charity.

Competition Lineup

  • Trixie Mattel Price Burrito: Brown Rice, Black Beans, Fajita Veggies, Sofritas, Tomatillo Green-Chili Salsa, Cheese, Guac, and Romaine Lettuce.
  • Kim Chi Pride Bowl: White Rice, Guac, Steak, Fresh Tomato Salsa, Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa, Tomatillo Red-Chili Salsa, Sour Cream, Cheese, and Romaine Lettuce.
  • Gottmik Pride Salad: Supergreens Salad Mix, Brown Rice, Black Beans, Fajita Veggies, Sofritas, Fresh Tomato Salsa, and Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa.

Chipotle Drag Lunch

Additionally, on June 13, 2021, Trixie Mattel will host a Chipotle Drag Lunch on her YouTube channel with Kim Chi and Gottmik.

The trio will perform comedic bits, show off their Chipotle-fied looks, provide information on their charity partners, talk up their go-to Chipotle orders, and repartee about the Queen of Pride competition.

You can tune in to Trixie Mattel’s YouTube channel on June 13, 2021 to check out the full show.


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