Dippin’ Dots Unveils New ICEE Cherry ‘n Blue Razz Flavor


Dippin’ Dots offers a combination of ICEE’s most popular flavors – Cherry and Blue Raspberry – in the form of frozen beads with the introduction of its newest flavor: ICEE Cherry ‘n Blue Razz.

ICEE Cherry ‘n Blue Razz features bright red cherry and brilliant blue raspberry-colored frozen beads that share a very similar flavor profile to ICEE’s most iconic signature beverages.

Arriving on the heels of Dippin’ Dots’ acquisition by J & J Snack Foods’ back in June of last year, the unique mix of classic ICEE flavors and Dippin’ Dots’ frozen beads creates a one-of-a-kind product that guarantees the thrill and excitement that fans will be looking for all summer long.

Prices may vary depending on where you buy them, but on the Dippin’ Dots website, the new flavor is being sold in bulk bags for a suggested price of $69.95.

ICEE Cherry ‘n Blue Razz frozen beads can be found at Dippin’ Dots locations, convenience stores, amusement and entertainment venues, and local events nationwide now through summer 2023.


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