Dunkin’ Adds New Dunkin’ Midnight And Explorer Batch To Coffee Menu


Dunkin’ bolsters its coffee menu with the launch of two bold and invigorating new hot coffees: Dunkin’ Midnight and Explorer Batch.

Arriving as the brand’s darkest roast ever, the new Dunkin’ Midnight coffee features a rich, smooth, full-bodied flavor, rounded out with notes of cocoa and an intense dark finish.

Dunkin’ Midnight joins the chain’s core menu of coffee offerings and will be offered alongside the brand’s popular Original Blend and Dunkin’ Decaf that we all know and love.

Dunkin’s new Explorer Batch is the first coffee blend introduced as part of the brand’s new Limited Batch Series. Explorer Batch is a medium roast coffee that features dark berry notes, rounded out with a smoky finish.

Explorer Batch is made with beans sourced from four highly regarded coffee regions, including Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Sumatra. The new Explorer Batch coffee will be available for a limited time only, with new Limited Batch Series coffees to be released throughout the year.

You can find the new Dunkin’ Midnight and Explorer Batch at participating Dunkin’ locations nationwide.

Have you tried Dunkin’s new bold hot coffees? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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