Dutch Bros Pours New Chocolate Crunch Cold Brew


In celebration of National Cold Brew Day, Dutch Bros has announced that it’s launching a new Chocolate Crunch Cold Brew on April 20, 2023.

Dutch Bros’ new Chocolate Crunch Cold Brew combines your choice of regular or nitro-infused Cold Brew with chocolate milk, dark chocolate sauce, and chocolate macadamia nut flavor, and then tops it off with Soft Top and cookie crumbles.

The launch marks the first time the chain has offered cookie crumbles as an add-on for their signature cold brew drinks.

In addition to the Chocolate Crunch Cold Brew, on April 20 only, all Dutch Bros shops will be dropping an exclusive sticker available with the purchase of any cold brew drink.

The Chocolate Crunch Cold Brew can be found at all Dutch Bros locations nationwide for a limited time from April 20 until April 30, 2023, or while supplies last.


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