Dutch Bros Pours New Firecracker Rebel Energy Drink With Soft Top And Poppin’ Candy


Dutch Bros offers the perfect festive drink to accompany all your Fourth of July celebrations with the debut of the new Firecracker Rebel energy drink with Soft Top & Poppin’ Candy.

The Firecracker Rebel features the brand’s exclusive Rebel energy drink mixed with raspberry flavor and topped with Soft Top and new Poppin’ Candy that feels like there are super tiny firecrackers popping off in your mouth.

If you’re not looking for an extra boost of energy, then you’ll be glad to know that the Firecracker Rebel can also be enjoyed as a Lemonade, Soda, or Frost. There’s also an option to add the chain’s new poppin’ candy to any Dutch Bros drink for an additional charge.

You can find the Firecracker Rebel at participating Dutch Bros locations across the country for a limited time, while supplies last.


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