Fanta Releases New Halloween-Inspired What The Fanta Zero-Sugar Mystery Flavor That Will Turn Your Tongue Black


Fanta is celebrating the spookiest season of the year with the launch of a new Halloween-inspired “What The Fanta” mystery flavor.

The brand’s second What The Fanta drop is a zero-sugar beverage designed to trip up your tastebuds with a look and flavor that’s shrouded in secrecy. As a scary twist, the drink will temporarily turn your tongue black, making it the perfect complement to Halloween costumes.

Fanta is inviting fans to “taste the unknown” and try to guess the mystery flavor of the black-colored, zero-sugar drink on social media with hashtag #WhatTheFanta.

If you consider yourself a true soda sleuth, you can uncover the new mystery flavor through the Clue Collector online game and social media challenges. Each on-pack QR code unlocks entry to the graveyard-themed world of #WhatTheFanta, where you can dodge zombie hands, tombstones, and other creepy monsters to collect #WhatTheFanta bottles and flavor clues. Fans who solve the mystery flavor will earn a chance to win prizes such as AMC movie ticket bundles or tickets to Adult Fright Fest at Six Flags, Sea World, Busch Gardens Park, and Cedar Fair Park.

Cheeky and culturally relevant content on Fanta’s social media handles will invite fans to share their creative costume ideas and solve the mystery flavor.

What The Fanta is available in the US in 20-ounce bottles and six-packs of 7.5-ounce mini cans. It’s also available in regular and zero-sugar variations on Coca-Cola Freestyle and in frozen dispensers at select locations.

In Canada, the mystery flavor can be enjoyed in 500-ml bottles, 12-pack 355-ml cans and on Coca-Cola Freestyle.


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