Fatburger And Buffalo’s Express Release New Vegetarian Chick’n Vings


Fatburger and Buffalo’s Express put a twist on their famous chicken wings with the introduction of the new Chick’n Vings, made with Quorn Vegetarian Meatless Wings.

The new vegetarian boneless Chick’n Vings are meant to deliver the same taste, appearance, and texture as regular chicken wings, but without the meat.

Served with carrots and celery on the side, Chick’n Vings can be enjoyed plain or smothered in any of the chain’s 13 house-made sauces including Scorchin’, Carolina Fire BBQ, Coconut Jerk, Honey Garlic, and Sweet Bourbon BBQ.

Buffalo’s Express’ vegetarian meatless wings are available a la carte in 6-, 10-, 16-, and 24-piece orders for $7.97, $11.97, $18.47, and $27.47, respectively. You can also get them as part of a combo with prices starting at $14.47 (may vary).

Chick’n Vings are available now at participating Fatburger and Buffalo’s Express locations nationwide.

Have you tried the new vegetarian meatless chicken wings at Fatburger? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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