Godfather’s Pizza Brings Back Mac and Cheese Pizza


Godfather’s Pizza brings back their popular Mac & Cheese Pizza for a limited time.

The returning pizza is a great option for those observing lent. Originally introduced in 2015, the fan favorite is back on the menu as one of the best meat-free alternatives to fish on Fridays.

And for those not observing lent, this year the pizza chain introduced a new and improved version that comes with bacon.

The Mac ‘n Cheese Pizza features a creamy macaroni and cheese base topped with bacon and melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese. You can add other toppings at an additional cost, of course.

The pizza is available in four varieties:

  • Medium Original Mac & Cheese Pizza $11.99
  • Medium Original Mac & Cheese with Bacon Pizza $13.99
  • Large Original Mac & Cheese Pizza $13.99
  • Large Original Mac & Cheese with Bacon Pizza $15.99

The Mac and Cheese is available at Godfather’s restaurants across the nation for a limited time only. Also, prices may vary.


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