IHOP Introduces New Crispy Shrimp & Fries Platter And New Crispy Fish & Fries Platter For 2023 Seafood Season


IHOP is celebrating the 2023 seafood season with the debut of two new seafood options, including the new Crispy Shrimp & Fries Platter and Crispy Fish & Fries Platter, for a limited time.

With prices starting at $15.99, here’s a closer look at IHOP’s seasonal seafood menu:

The new Crispy Shrimp & Fries Platter features crispy-fried battered shrimp served with a side of crispy golden French fries, tartar sauce and cocktail sauce for dipping, and a lemon wedge.

The new Crispy Fish & Fries Platter includes two pieces of deep-fried battered fish served with French Fries, tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, and a lemon wedge.

Both seasonal seafood dishes are available now for a limited time at participating IHOP locations nationwide.


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