Jack In The Box Introduces New Snoopadelic Shake As Part Of New Snoopified Menu


As part of its ongoing partnership with Snoop Dogg, Jack in the Box is doubling down on its Snoop Dogg-themed offerings by opening a “Dogg in tha Box” restaurant in Inglewood, CA, that features a totally Snoopified menu designed to transport fans to the Snoopiverse’s version of Jack in the Box.

The Snoopified menu includes Snizzacks and Sidez from Jalepenizzle Poppers to Curleez, to Bizurgers and shakes such as the D-O-Double-Jack, Tasy Mothercluckers (Jack’s fan favorite chicken sandwiches), and the new Snoopadelic Shake.

The new Snoopadelic Shake features the brand’s thick and creamy vanilla soft serve blended with orange juice and then finished with whipped topping and a cherry.

From June 29 to July 2, 2023, Dogg in tha Box fans can head to the 24-hour pop-up restaurant at 1220 Centinela Ave, Inglewood, CA to receive a free Snoopadelic Shake with the purchase of a Snoop Munchie Meal.

In addition, guests can also drop it like it’s hot to some of the rapper’s most iconic hits while munching on Curly Fries with Snoop’s Munchie Mix, sit on Snoop’s throne, and purchase 90s themed swag to rep Jack and the D.O. Double G wherever they go.

For those unable to join the chain’s late night experience in Inglewood, Snoop’s Munchie Meal is also available at Jack in the Box locations nationwide, on jackinthebox.com and on the Jack app from June 12 to August 6, 2023.

Jack in the Box's Dogg in tha Box restaurant
Jack in the Box’s new Dogg in tha Box restaurant in Inglewood, California


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