Jack In The Box Launches New Blazin’ Cluck Sandwich And New Blazin’ Cluck Deluxe Sandwich


Jack in the Box spices up its Cluck Sandwich line with the launch of two new Blazin’ Cluck Sandwiches at participating locations.

The new sandwiches are available in the following two varieties: Blazin’ Cluck Sandwich and Blazin’ Cluck Deluxe Sandwich.

The Blazin’ Cluck Sandwich comes with a bigger, crispier, spicy, breaded fillet that’s topped with Jack’s Spicy Good Good Sauce and crunchy pickles on a toasty brioche bun.

The Blazin’ Cluck Deluxe Sandwich, on the other hand, features a big, crispy, spicy, breaded fillet, and Spicy Mystery Sauce, topped with melty Swiss-style cheese, thick-cut onion rings, and crispy bacon strips, all served on a toasty brioche bun.

Prices vary, but my local Jack in the Box is offering the Blazin’ Cluck Sandwich for $4.79, while the Blazin’ Cluck Deluxe Sandwich goes for $7.89. They’re also offering the new sandwiches as part of a Blazin’ Cluck Combo that includes fries and a drink, with prices starting at $7.48 (may vary).

In addition to the new spicy chicken sandwiches, Jack in the Box has also brought back their popular Cluck Sandwich with Mystery Sauce for a limited time. (You can read more about that here.)

Blazin’ Cluck Sandwiches are available now at participating Jack in the Box restaurants nationwide.


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