Jamba Juice Brings Back Watermelon Breeze Smoothie In Classic And New Plant-Based Options


Jamba Juice celebrates summer 2022 with the return of their fan-favorite Watermelon Breeze, which can now be enjoyed in classic or new plant-based varieties.

First introduced in 2019, the Classic Watermelon Breeze consists of a watermelon grape juice blend, raspberry, sherbet, strawberries, and pineapples.

Meanwhile, the new Plant-Based Watermelon Breeze features much of the same ingredients but blended with oatmilk frozen dessert instead of raspberry sherbet.

The returning seasonal beverage can be found at participating Jamba locations nationwide for a limited time through summer.

Plant-Based Watermelon Breeze Smoothie (Small) Nutrition Facts

  • 330 calories
  • 60 calories from fat
  • 6 grams of fat
  • 5 grams of saturated fat
  • 35 milligrams of sodium
  • 69 grams of carbs
  • 57 grams of sugar
  • 2 grams of protein


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