KFC Introduces New “Real-Talk” Mother’s Day Menu


KFC has partnered with celebrity mom and entrepreneur Chrissy Teigen for the introduction of the new “Real-Talk” Mother’s Day menu to give moms what they really crave on their special day: peace, quiet, appreciation, and a meal for the whole family to enjoy.

Available from May 6 through May 12, 2024, KFC’s “Real-Talk” Mother’s Day menu includes a variety of classic KFC family meals that have been renamed to represent how moms want to celebrate the holiday, including the “Give Mom Some Tender Lovin’ Time Off Meal” and the “12-piece Recipe for R&R Meal.”

Curated in partnership with longtime KFC fan Chrissy Teigen, and arriving just in time to celebrate Día de las Madres on Friday, May 10 and Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12, here’s a closer a look KFC’s reimagined family meals:

  • Taste of Time-off Meal – For the Mom Who Needs Some Alone Time (and Leftovers): Four pieces of hand-breaded crispy fried chicken paired with two sides of mashed potatoes and gravy and two extra buttery biscuits.
  • Mom Appreciation Meal – For the Mom Who Deserves Extra Appreciation: Eight Extra Crispy fried chicken tenders served with two large sides of your choice, four extra buttery biscuits, and four dipping sauces.
  • Eight Piece and Quiet Meal – For the Mom Who Wants to Keep the Day Easy: Eight pieces of the brand’s world-famous chicken in your choice of Original Recipe or Extra Crispy, paired with two large sides and four extra buttery biscuits.
  • Dad’s In Charge of Dinner Meal – For the Mom Who Doesn’t Want to Make Another Decision Today: A 12-piece fried chicken bucket meal in the KFC recipe of your choice, plus three large sides and six extra buttery biscuits.

Prices for the limited-time “real-talk” Mother’s Day menu start at $10 (may vary) at participating KFC locations nationwide.

Looking to make Mother’s Day even more memorable? Leave a comment on KFC’s social media post explaining why your mom is incredible. You’ll get a chance for Chrissy to send your mom a personalized video shout out, and for KFC to feature it on their social channels.

For hassle-free Mother’s Day meal planning, consider ordering delivery or using Quick Pickup. You can schedule Quick Pickup orders up to four days in advance through the KFC app or on KFC.com.


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