Krystal Adds New Donut-Glazed Chik Biscuit, New Donut-Glazed Spicy Chik And New Spicy Side Chik


Krystal is putting a sweet and savory twist on a classic fan favorite with the debut of the new Donut-Glazed Chik Biscuit and new Donut-Glazed Spicy Chik Biscuit.

The new Donut-Glazed Chik Biscuit features a golden, crispy-fried chicken breast served on a standard breakfast biscuit that’s topped with a sweet, donut glaze.

Meanwhile, the new Donut-Glazed Spicy Chik Biscuit consists of a spicy fried chicken breast fillet served on a fresh sweet glazed biscuit.

And for those who prefer to go meatless, Krystal is also offering a Donut-Glazed Biscuit without the fried chicken breast. As per the chain’s website, the Donut-Glazed Biscuit features a fluffy, buttermilk biscuit iced with a sweet a donut glaze.

Both Donut-Glazed Chik Biscuits carry a suggested price of $3.89 each, while the Donut-Glazed Biscuit costs $1.49 (may vary). All three items are available during breakfast hours only.

Spicy Side Chik

Another spicy addition making its way onto the menu is the new Spicy Side Chik, which, according to Krystal, offers just the right amount of heat for fans who like an extra kick.

Available for lunch, dinner and late-night snacking, the Spicy Side Chik features a spicy breaded chicken breast topped with Duke’s mayo and dill pickles, and served on a signature steamed bun.

Prices may vary, but the Spicy Side Chik goes for $2.99 at my nearest Krystal restaurant.

The Donut-Glazed Biscuit lineup and the Spicy Side Chik can be found for a limited time at participating Krystal locations chainwide.


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