Krystal Adds New Hangover Krystal Slider And New Peach Slushie

Krystal New Hangover Krystal Slider hero
Image via Krystal

Krystal takes their slider game to a whole new level with the release of their new Hangover Krystal Slider.

The new Hangover Krystal Slider features a beef patty topped with melted cheese, a fresh-cracked egg fried egg, and bacon on a steamed bun.

You can get the new slider a la carte for $1.69 or as part of a combo meal which includes two Hangover Krystals and small tots for $3.99.

Additionally, the chain is also introducing a new Peach Slushie and a new Banana Pudd’n Shake for a limited time.

The Peach Slushie consists of a combination of peach flavored syrup and ice, while the Banana Pudd’n Shake features a 100 percent real ice cream, banana pudding, and whipped cream.

All three menu items are available now at participating Krystal locations.


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