Mod Pizza Offers New Bella Pizza, Cranberry Honey Winter Salad And Squad Cake For Winter


Mod Pizza goes wild this winter with the arrival of the new Bella Pizza and Cranberry Honey Winter Salad for a limited time. Also new is the Squad Cake.

The Bella Pizza comes topped with wild mushroom pesto, spinach, mozzarella cheese, mild sausage, mushrooms, and rosemary. The chain describes its taste as a “rich, herbaceous flavor that’s completely unique.”

The Cranberry Honey Winter Salad features romaine, mixed greens, Asiago cheese, Canadian bacon, red onion, honey lime dressing, Mike’s Hot Honey, and cranberry seed blend.

Finally, the Squad Cake is an orange-flavored twist on the chain’s popular No Name Cake. It consists of a traditional orange cake filled with vanilla cream covered in orange icing and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

Every cake sold supports a relief fund to help MOD Squad members in times of crisis. Mod says that they’ve already provided over “$1 million in grants and the need is greater than ever.”


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