Nabisco Is Bringing Back Cakesters In Oreo And Nutter Butter Varieties


After nearly 10 years off the shelves, Nabisco announced today that it’s bringing back their fan favorite Cakesters in early 2022.

The returning treats will come in two different varieties – Original Oreo Cakesters and new Nutter Butter – with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

Original Oreo Cakesters feature two soft-baked chocolate flavored snack cakes with a smooth creme filling in the center.

Meanwhile, the new Nutter Butter Cakesters consist of two soft-baked cookies sandwiching a real peanut butter creme filling.

Arriving as a permanent addition to Nabisco’s lineup of prepackaged desserts, Cakesters will be widely available at major retailers nationwide in 2022.


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