Papa John’s New Crispy Parm Pizza And New Deluxe Cheese Crispy Parm Pizza Have Been Leaked


Papa Johns is taking their cheese game to a whole new frontier with the launch of the all-new Crispy Parm Pizza at participating locations starting next week.

The new Crispy Parm Pizza featuring cheese underneath the brand’s signature thin crust will be available exclusively to Papa Rewards Members beginning Monday, January 30, 2023, and will be widely available to everyone else starting February 6, according to an internal company video leaked onto Reddit by Papa Johns employees recently.

As part of the new platform, fans can try the new Deluxe Cheese Crispy Parm Handcrafted Specialty Pizza or a Create Your Own Parm Pizza option with a choice of 1 topping for a suggested price of $12.99 ($15.99 in Alaska and Hawaii and $16.99 CAD in Canada).

The new Deluxe Cheese Crispy Parm Pizza features the brand’s original fresh, never-frozen dough topped with pizza sauce, real cheese made from mozzarella, garlic Parmesan sauce, and Italian seasoning, and a layer of Parmesan and Romano cheeses baked right under the bottom for a delicious crisp in every bite. Go ahead, flip it!

Meanwhile, the Create Your Own Crispy Parm Pizza, which follows the same recipe and includes the same ingredients, comes with your choice of one topping, but it does not get Italian Seasoning.

If rumors are true, you can expect to see the new Crispy Parm pizzas make their appearance on menus nationwide starting on February 6, 2023.

Are you excited to try Papa John’s Crispy Parm Pizza? Let us know down in the comments below!


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