Pei Wei Serves Up New Spicy Cauliflower Polynesian Poke Bowl


Pei Wei offers a new twist to their poke bowl with the release of the new Spicy Cauliflower Polynesian Poke Bowl, which is essentially the same thing as the regular version but with cauliflower rice instead of white rice.

The new bowl features spicy tuna and ahi poke, and California roll served atop a bed of Pei Wei’s new cauliflower rice and heritage mixed greens. All topped with slices of fresh avocado, crispy shallots, cucumbers, pickled ginger, cilantro, and sambal chile sauce.

Pei Wei’s new dish carries a suggested price of $11.99. However, prices may vary from location to location.

Prepared to order in their own kitchens, the Spicy Cauliflower Poke Bowl may contain raw or undercooked ingredients.


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