Pie Five Pizza Tosses New Italian Chicken Pizza And Salad

Pie Five Pizza Tosses New Italian Chicken Pizza And Salad
Image via Pie Five Pizza

Pie Five Pizza continues its journey around the world with the introduction of the new Italian Chicken Pizza and salad.

The new flavor arrives as part of the Pie Five’s Pizza Passport Sweepstakes series, which gives fans the chance to win a seven-night European cruise for two. Simply download the Pie Five Pizza app and enter to win.

The Pizza Passport Sweepstakes also showcases some of the brand’s favorite flavors every month. Last month, for example, the chain unveiled the new Athenian Salad. And in October, they’re adding a new Mediterranean pizza and salad to the menu.

The new Italian Chicken Pizza is a sweet and savory creation that features Alfredo red pepper sauce, new seasoned chicken, ranch sauce, mushrooms, and two cheeses.

The Italian Chicken Salad also features the robust flavors of ranch sauce blended with roasted red peppers, topped with seasoned chicken, a blend of veggies, two cheeses, and croutons.

Christina Coy, vice president of marketing for Pie Five, says “It’s the ideal pizza to enjoy during National Pizza Month.”

Pie Five’s Italian Chicken pizza and salad are available at participating locations for a limited time.

Have you tried Italian Chicken at Pie Five Pizza? Let us know down in the comments below.


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