Pizza Hut And Chain Release New Collectible Seasoning Duet Box Set Featuring Two New Seasoning Pizza Blends And A Limited-Edition Hut Shaker


Pizza Hut and LA-based pop-up phenomenon Chain are once again teaming up for the launch of the new Collectible Seasoning Duet Box Set starting November 9, 2023.

As part of the collaboration, and for the first time, Pizza Hut is giving fans the chance to turn any and every meal into a pizza party – now in shake-and-sprinkle form – by releasing two brand new spice blends – Make it Pepperoni Seasoning and Everything Pizza Shake – and a limited-edition shaker inspired by the brand’s iconic lamps.

Pizza Hut’s Make it Pepperoni Seasoning is a vegan seasoning blend that captures the signature flavors of the pizza chain’s beloved pepperoni, allowing pepperoni lovers to bring that salty, spicy, tangy taste to any and every dish.

Chain’s Everything Pizza Shake combines all the delicious flavors of the pizzeria – oregano, Parmesan, red pepper flake – with the pop-up concept’s umami blend to save your wrist the multiple shakes.

As mentioned before, the Collectible Seasoning Duet Box Set also includes the limited-edition “Hut Shaker,” which is a custom designed retro-inspired pizzeria shaker that pays homage to the chain’s stained glass lamps and that can be used with either spice blend.

The collectible box set, including the “Seasoning Duet” and “Hut Shaker,” carries a suggested price of $60 and is available for a limited time while supplies last for pre-order at beginning today.

Collectible Seasoning Duet Box Set
Collectible Seasoning Duet Box Set

The duo collaborated earlier this year on the Hut Hat – a reversible bucket hat with one side that resembles Pizza Hut’s red roof and another featuring a checkered design with black, white and red.


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