Pizza Inn Unveils New Garlic Buttery Crust


Pizza Inn today announced that it has updated its signature crust recipe, and it now features the mouthwatering flavors of buttery garlic, as well as a combination of Romano and Parmesan cheeses.

The new crust enhances their pizzas’ flavor without taking away the signature crispy texture that Pizza Inn fans know and love.

The new Garlic Buttery Crust, which is prepared fresh each morning and then brushed with the chain’s unique blend of buttery garlic, Romano and Parmesan cheeses, is now available on all their pizzas, including New York Pan, Italian, Crispy Thin, and Stuffed Crust. The garlic buttery blend is also being featured on the buffet as well as carryout and delivery services.

Fans can try the new crust option at their nearest Pizza Inn location, and take advantage of three special offers beginning on March 29, 2021:

  • One Large 2-Topping Pizza for $9.99.
  • One Large 3-Topping Pizza of Specialty Pizza and a Medium Chocolate Chip Pizzert for $17.99.
  • Takeout special: Contactless Buffet To-Go – JoJo’s Family Feast: Four half pizzas (Two Medium Pizzas with up to Two Toppings on each side) and your choice of any two side items for $25.99.

Will you be trying Pizza Inn’s new Garlic Buttery Crust? Tell us what you think down in the comments.


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