Potbelly brings a trio of new limited-time sandwiches to the menu: The Turducken, Cheesesteak with KRAFT Cheez Whiz, and Cheesesteak with Provolone.

The Turducken features a unique combination of duck, chicken, and turkey with cheddar cheese, cranberry honey sauce, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and Italian seasoning on a regular bun. It also comes stuffed with cornbread, which makes it even more delicious.

A Turducken sandwich has 640 calories, and it costs $7.65.

The Cheesesteak with KRAFT Cheez Whiz sandwich includes marinated steak slices, toasted green peppers and onions, KRAFT Cheez Whiz, and Italian seasonings on a regular toasted bun.

Potbelly’s new Cheesesteak with KRAFT Cheez Whiz sandwich has 620 calories and costs $7.85 or $8.75 depending on your location.

Last but not least, Potbelly’s new Cheesesteak with Provolone comes with marinated steak slices, toasted peppers and onions, melted provolone cheese, and Italian seasoning served on regular bun.

The Cheesesteak with Provolone contains 630 calories. Prices vary by location, but they’re somewhere between $7.85 and $8.75.

Potbelly’s three new sandwiches are available now at participating locations while supplies last.


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