Shake Shack Adds New Caffeinated Lemonades To Drinks Menu


Shake Shack puts an energetic twist on their signature lemonade line-up with the launch of three new Caffeinated Lemonades.

Shake Shack’s new Caffeinated Lemonades are available in three varieties:

  • Dragonfruit Pomegranate Caffeinated Lemonade: Real dragonfruit and pomegranate blended with house-made lemonade and caffeine.
  • Mango Passionade Caffeinated Lemonade: Real mango and passion fruit blended with house-made lemonade and caffeine.
  • Strawberry Caffeinated Lemonade: A combination of real strawberry, house-made lemonade, and caffeine.

Shake Shack’s Caffeinated Lemonades come in small and large sizes and are priced at $4.39 and $5.39, respectively.

All three Caffeinated Lemonades can be found now at participating Shake Shack locations nationwide. Prices may vary.


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