Starbucks Offers New Bottled Cold & Crafted Cold Brew Coffees


Starbucks brings cold brew coffee to the bottled drinks aisle with the introduction of its new Starbucks Cold & Crafted bottled cold brew coffees.

The new Cold & Crafted coffees, which contain anywhere from 50 to 90 calories and 10g to 15g of sugar per 11-ounce bottle, are available in three flavors: Coffee with a Splash of Milk & Mocha, Coffee with a Splash of Milk & Vanilla, and Sweetened Black Coffee.

According to Manpreet Cheema, a senior product developer on the Starbucks R&D team, they chose the best roast profiles and brewing methods to deliver a smooth, refreshing sip. They also “did months of tastings and consumer tests to make sure they got it just right.”

You can find the Starbucks’ new Cold & Crafted bottled cold brew coffees at participating grocery and convenience stores, as well as at gas stations nationwide for a suggested retail price of less than 3 bucks per bottle.


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