Subway Offers Limited Edition Sidekick Safe To Protect Your Favorite Footlong Snacks


Subway is now offering portable Sidekick Safes to help you keep your Footlong Cookies, Auntie Anne’s Footlong Pretzels and Cinnabon Footlong Churros warm, cozy, and shielded from inquisitive eyes.

According to the sandwich chain, demand for the new snacks has far outpaced supply, with over 9 million Footlong Sidekicks devoured by fans since launching just last month.

With that in mind, Subway is giving some lucky fans the chance to win one of 100 limited edition portable Sidekick Safes by visiting between February 29 and March 2, 2024. To take part in the giveaway, simply upload a photo of yourself enjoying your favorite Footlong Sidekick and join the contest.

Subway enlisted a group of engineers to create a prototype called the Sidekicks Safe, unveiled during Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, aimed at safeguarding their highly sought-after new menu offerings. Since then, the specialist team has refined its design for broader distribution. The bespoke, 39-inch Sidekick Safe features three insulated compartments tailored to fit a Footlong Sidekick each, secured with a keypad lock, and comes with a carrying strap for easy transport of snacks.

Subway’s innovative approach to elevating the snacking experience with the portable Sidekick Safes reinforces the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and engagement by delivering a soon-to-be-coveted accessory for anyone looking to keep their sweet and savory snacks safe and sound.


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