Taco Bell Launches New Deluxe Box Featuring Nacho Fries


Taco Bell reinforces its commitment to value with the introduction of the new Deluxe Box featuring Nacho Fries.

The latest iteration of the brand’s Deluxe Cravings Box includes a Chalupa Supreme, a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, a Cantina Chicken Soft Taco, an order of regular Nacho Fries with a cup of Nacho Cheese sauce for dipping, a packet of Avocado Verde Salsa, and a medium fountain drink.

While prices may vary, the new Deluxe Box featuring Nacho Fries goes for $10.99 at my local Taco Bell.

If you were to buy the items in the Deluxe Box featuring Nacho Fries separately, they would add up to around $18.20. So, depending on location, you’re saving around $7.21 with each box purchase. That is actually great value for money right there.

You can find the Deluxe Box featuring Nacho Fries at participating Taco Bell restaurants nationwide for a limited time.


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