The Habit Burger Invites Fans To Join Its New Chicken Club Club For A Chance To Win Free Chicken Club Sandwiches For A Year


The Habit Burger Grill announced that it’s launching the new Chicken Club Club, a welcoming community for Chicken Club Sandwich enthusiasts to gather, dine, and enjoy rewards. And what’s even more exciting is that all new members get to enjoy one for free. The Chicken Club Club will be open for membership on the brand’s mobile app from April 26 to June 25, 2024.

The Habit Burger’s Chicken Club Sandwich is made with a delectable combination of chargrilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, and freshly chopped avocado tucked between two perfectly toasted slices of sourdough bread.

When you join the Chicken Club Club, you’ll receive a free Chicken Club Sandwich just for signing up. You’ll also be entered into a draw for a chance to win a Mystery Box packed with exclusive merchandise and a prestigious Chicken Club Club gold card. This card grants you the benefit of enjoying one free Chicken Club Sandwich every week for an entire year.

You can join the club for free by downloading The Habit Burger app and registering between April 26 and June 25, 2024.


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