Tim Hortons Adds Walnut Crunch And Cinnamon Twist Retro Donuts In Celebration Of 60th Anniversary


Tim Hortons is celebrating its 60th anniversary with the limited-time return of two classic Tims Retro Donuts, the Walnut Crunch and Cinnamon Twist.

The Walnut Crunch Donut features a rich, chocolatey cake donut speckled with walnuts throughout and lightly glazed.

Meanwhile, the Cinnamon Twist Donut consists of a fluffy yeast twist donut tossed in sweet cinnamon sugar.

Both the Walnut Crunch Donut and the Cinnamon Twist Donut are priced at $1.59 each at my nearest Tim Hortons location.

Additionally, while supplies last, fans will be served their favorite Tim Hortons treats in special 60th anniversary packaging, including limited-edition designs for the red Tims cup, Timbit boxes and donut boxes.

Retro Donuts can be found at participating Tim Hortons locations across the US for a limited time. Prices may vary.


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