Tim Hortons And Red Bull Launch New Sunrise Sunset And Sky’s The Limit Drinks As Part Of New Tims Boost Energy Infusion Beverage Lineup


Tim Hortons is teaming up with Red Bull to expand its beverage lineup with the launch of two new Tims Boost Energy Infusion Beverages.

Tims Boost Energy Infusion Beverages are available in the following flavors:

  • Sunrise Sunset: A vibrant blend of raspberry-flavored syrup and Red Bull Yellow Edition.
  • Sky’s the Limit: A mix of coconut and blue raspberry flavored syrups with Red Bull Energy Drink

While prices may vary depending on where you are, the new energy drinks go for $4.99 each at my nearest Tim Hortons.

Both Tims Boost Energy Infusion Beverages can be found at participating US Tim Hortons locations for a limited time.


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