White Castle Debuts New Smoky Joe Slider, Welcomes Back Sloppy Joe Slider And Mac & Cheese Nibblers


White Castle rings in the 2020 holiday season with the return of its comfort food lineup, which includes the new 99 cent Smoky Joe Slider as well as two classic favorites, the Sloppy Joe Slider and Mac & Cheese Nibblers.

White Castle’s new Smoky Joe Slider features a blend of 100 percent beef, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and a sweet and tangy sauce, plus smoked cheddar cheese and crispy onion crisps on a signature slider bun.

Mac and Cheese Nibblers consist of macaroni and cheddar cheese coated with a cheddar batter and then fried until crispy and golden.

The Sloppy Joe Slider features a blend of 100 percent pure beef, tomatoes, bells peppers, onions, and a sweet and tangy sauce served on signature slider bun.

Both the classic Sloppy Jose Slider and the new Smoky Joe Slider carry a suggested price of 99 cents each. Prices may vary by location.

Additionally, you can also get a new Joe Six Pack, which allows you to mix and match any six Smoky Joe or Sloppy Joe sliders for just 6 bucks.

White Castle’s comfort food lineup is now available at participating Castles nationwide through February 14, 2021.


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