White Castle Is Celebrating The 5th Anniversary Of Its Plant-Based Burger With $1 Impossible Slider Coupon


White Castle celebrates five years since it first introduced the Impossible Slider in Castles with a special offer for Craver Nation members.

Starting today, through the end of September 2023, White Castle is offering members of its Craver Nation loyalty program a coupon for $1 Impossible Slider. The coupon can be found in the White Castle app.

White Castle’s Impossible Slider features a plant-based patty that tastes and smells like real meat, but is made from plants. The sizzling plant-based burger is served with pickles and onion on a signature slider bun and be customized to guests’ needs, with or without cheddar cheese.

Back in 2018, White Castle became the first fast-food chain to partner with Impossible Foods when it launched the Impossible Slider in all of its locations across the U.S.


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