Arby’s Testing New Wagyu Blend Burger At Select Locations


Arby’s looks to fancy up the menu with the introduction of the new Wagyu Blend Burger at select locations in Orlando and Daytona, FL; Flint, MI; and Lafayette, IN.

According to this Reddit post, the new Wagyu Blend Burger comes with a hamburger patty that’s made with a blend of 52% Wagyu beef and 48% sirloin. It’s topped with melted American cheese, sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, sliced red onions, crinkle-cut pickles, and special sauce served on a toasted bun.

The Wagyu Blend Burger is available a la carte for a suggested price of $5.99, or as part of a combo meal with fries and a drink for $8.49.

The burger can be found at select Arby’s locations for four weeks only, while supplies last.

YouTube food reviewer just2food picked up a Wagyu Blend Burger at his local Arby’s. You can check out his review below for all the meaty details:

YouTube video

Would you like to see the Wagyu Blend Burger added to menus nationwide? Drop us a note down in the comments below.



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