BurgerFi Makes SWAG Burger (Spicy Wagyu Burger) A Permanent Menu Fixture


BurgerFi announced today that it’s making the SWAG Burger (Spicy Wagyu Burger) a permanent menu item, following its extremely successful launch earlier this year.

“The SWAG Burger is staying on the menu for good,” said the company in a press release.

The Spicy Wagyu Burger, which quickly became one of the chain’s best-selling items after debuting back in March 2021, is joining the CEO Burger as another premium wagyu and brisket blend burger on BurgerFi’s core menu available at all locations nationwide.

Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback and skyrocketing sales, the limited time promotion, which was supposed to run until the end of May, was extended until the end on June, and then it was decided that it would be made a permanent fixture on the menu beginning the first week of July.

The flavor packed SWAG Burger consists of a Double Wagyu and Brisket Blend Burger layered with Charred Jalapeños, Candied Ghost Pepper Bacon, Sweet Tomato Relish, Pepper Jack Cheese and Hot Steak Sauce, all sandwiched between a branded potato bun.

While prices may vary location, my nearest BurgerFi restaurant charges $10.67 for the SWAG (Spicy Wagyu) Burger.

The SWAG Burger joins the famous CEO Burger and the Banana Churro Shake as one of only three items in the brand’s history to go from a limited time release to a permanent fixture.

The Spicy Wagyu Burger is available at participating locations nationwide in-restaurant, online and through the brand’s app, as well as through third party delivery services such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Postmates.

Have you tried the SWAG Burger? Is it worth it or would you rather get another burger? Let us know what you think down in the comments.


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