A&W Welcomes New French Onion Double Cheeseburger And Strawberry Watermelon Cream Freeze


A&W adds a pair of new items to the menu with the arrival of the new French Onion Double Cheeseburger and new Strawberry Watermelon Cream Freeze.

A&W’s French Onion Double Cheeseburger includes two beef patties layered with melted American cheese and topped with grilled onions and Boursin herb spread on a lightly toasted bun.

Meanwhile, the Strawberry Watermelon Cream Freeze consists of creamy vanilla soft serve blended with strawberry watermelon flavor and Starry.

Both menu items are now available for a limited time at participating A&W restaurants across the US for a limited time.


  1. Really wanted to try this, drove all the way down there, and they didn’t have it

    Years ago, Wendys had a French onion burger that was delicious, and in looking around for this one, it looks like they brought it back in Canada right now)


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