Big & Wicked Chicken Sandwich And Wicked Wings Return To Golden Chick


After becoming a runaway success earlier this year, Golden Chick has announced that it’s once again offering the Big & Wicked Chicken Sandwich for a limited time as part of its Wicked Celebration.

The Big & Wicked Chicken Sandwich features a crispy-fried all-white meat chicken breast fillet coated in spicy Lotta Zing seasoning blend and topped with Lotta Zing sauce and five crunchy pickles, all sandwiched between a pair of extra-large fresh-baked yeast rolls.

Additionally, and also as part of the Wicked Celebration, Golden Chick is welcoming back their hand-breaded and marinated Wicked Wings in both regular and spicy varieties. The regular variety delivers the classic taste of the chain’s signature fried chicken, while the spicy version comes dusted in a coating of Lotta Zing seasoning for an extra layer of flavor.

In addition to value pricing, Golden Chick app users can score even more savings on the Wicked Wings during Wing Wednesdays and Wing Weekends, where they’ll receive $5 off their order of a 24-piece Wicked Wings that also includes four Yeast rolls. The Big & Wicked Chicken Sandwich can also be enjoyed as part of a combo meal with a Southern-style side and a 30-oz beverage for additional cost.

You can find both the sandwich and the wings at participating Golden Chick locations for a limited time.


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