BJ’s Debuts New Sal’s Brewhouse Chicken, New Jamaican Roasted Half Chicken And New Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich


BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse adds three new chicken offerings to the menu with the arrival of Sal’s Brewhouse Chicken, Jamaican Roasted Half Chicken and BJ’s Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich.

Priced at $19.25, Sal’s Brewhouse Chicken consists of tender chicken breasts smothered in lemon butter sauce, topped with sauteed mushrooms and fresh parsley, and served with white cheddar mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus on the side.

Priced at $20.45, Jamaican Roasted Half Chicken features a slow roasted half chicken smothered in a Jamaican jerk dry rub, and served with your choice of two signature sides.

Last but not least, BJ’s new Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich, which carries a suggested price of $14.95, pairs a crispy fried chicken breast with spicy sriracha slaw, chipotle mayonnaise and dill pickles on a toasted parker house bun. The sandwich also comes with sriracha and creamy sriracha aioli and BJ’s signature coleslaw served on the side.

All three items are available now at participating BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse locations nationwide. Prices may vary.


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