Boston Market’s New Dessert Menu Includes A Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie And A Lemon Italian Crème Cake


Boston Market looks to satisfy every sweet tooth with the introduction of a brand new Dessert menu that features a variety of new items ranging from Lemon Italian Crème Cake to Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie and a “to die for Chocolate Cake.”

The new Dessert lineup includes the following five menu items:

  • Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie: A chocolate chip cookie made with fresh chocolate chunk cookie dough, generously topped with Hershey’s Mini Kisses, semi-sweet chocolate chunks, and milk chocolate chunks. ($2.59)
  • Lemon Blueberry Cookie: A tender and chewy cookie that features a flavor combination of natural lemon and dried wild blueberries. ($2.59)
  • Chocolate Brownie: Traditional chocolate with chocolate chips bits throughout and striped on top. ($2.59)
  • Chocolate Cake: Rich chocolate cake covered in velvety chocolate icing and finished with a sprinkle of rich chocolate chunks. ($3.39)
  • Lemon Italian Crème Cake: Cream cake filled with lemon cream and topped with vanilla cake crumbs. ($3.89)

Sharable Desserts for two:

  • Vanilla Bean Caramel Cheesecake: A vanilla bean cheesecake baked on a graham cracker crust and finished with caramel and crème topping. ($5.59)
  • Salted Caramel Lava Cake: A moist cake with a warm, salty caramel lava filling. ($4.79)

The new Dessert lineup is available now at participating Boston Market restaurants across the country. Prices may vary by location.



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