Buffalo Wild Wings And Mountain Dew Release New MTN DEW Legend


Buffalo Wild Wings has partnered with Mountain Dew for the release of the new MTN DEW Legend starting March 3, 2022.

The new blackberry-flavored drink is currently available at select Buffalo Wild Wings locations, but a chain-wide roll out is planned by mid-May.

Mountain Dew Legend offers a bold charge and refreshing taste designed to elevate the chain’s burgers, sauces, and other menu items by combining the taste of original Mountain Dew with notes of blackberry, citrus, and ginger.

MTN DEW Legend was inspired by the blackberry flavor craze and is the first exclusive PepsiCo beverage to hit Buffalo Wild Wings’ menu.

The blackberry-flavored beverage will be available at all 1,200+ Buffalo Wild Wings locations across the country by mid-May 2022.


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