Buffalo Wild Wings Introduces New Saucy Chicken Sandwich


Buffalo Wild Wings offers new ways to enjoy their signature Chicken Sandwich with the debut of the new Saucy Chicken Sandwich at participating locations.

The Saucy Chicken Sandwich features a hand-breaded chicken filet smothered in any of the brand’s 26 signature sauces and seasonings and served on a toasted challah bun with pickles.

Available in each of BWW’s sauces and seasonings – from Honey BBQ, Lemon Pepper and Spicy Garlic, to Mango Habanero and Parmesan Garlic – the new chicken sandwich is the perfect option for whichever flavor you crave.

Prices may vary, but the Saucy Chicken Sandwich starts at $8.99 at my nearest Buffalo Wild Wings.

You can find the Saucy Chicken Sandwich at Buffalo Wild Wings locations nationwide for a limited time starting July 13, 2022.


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