Burger King Announces Debut Of New Frozen Cotton Candy Beverage


Burger King looks to cool fans down this spring with the debut of a new Frozen Cotton Candy beverage starting April 11, 2024.

Burger King’s sweet Frozen Cotton Candy drink features a delicious combination of blue raspberry and cotton candy flavors, making the ideal treat to both stimulate and refresh your taste buds during the warmer days of the season.

Additionally, fans also have the option to enhance their Frozen Cotton Candy sipping experience – or any other frozen beverage from Burger King – by adding a new cold foam cloud topping for an extra charge.

But wait, there’s more! Royal Perks members can literally chase the clouds by playing Burger King’s Cloud Float, a new digital game exclusively available in the brand’s mobile app that allows users to glide across the clouds to collect points to win Crowns, free food and drink perks, and limited-edition merch.

You can find the new Frozen Cotton Candy beverage at participating Burger King locations nationwide for a limited time starting April 11, 2024. Price and participation may vary.


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