Burger King Is Inviting Fans To Choose Between The Return Of The Ghost Pepper Whopper Or Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries


Perhaps taking a page from the Taco Bell playbook, Burger King is introducing a new, in-app voting experience that puts the power in fans’ hands to decide which spicy menu item should be brought back: the Ghost Pepper Whopper or the Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries.

Voting begins today in the BK App, and you must be a Royal Perks member in order to be eligible to vote. The winner will be announced later on via social media and will return to the menu for a limited time in the coming months.

Team Ghost Pepper Whopper

First introduced as a Halloween-themed offering back in October 2022, the Ghost Pepper Whopper features a toasted orange and black sesame seed bun sandwiching a flame-grilled beef patty, ghost pepper cheese, spicy queso, bacon, and crispy jalapeno slices.

Team Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries

Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries feature premium all-white meat chicken strips coated in a light crispy breading seasoned with a blend of ghost pepper spice and herbs and deep-fried. Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries were originally introduced as a test item at select Burger King locations in the North Carolina Triad area for a limited time back in summer 2021.

To become a Royal Perks rewards member and start voting, all you need to do is download the BK App and sign up for an account. Besides being able to vote, Royal Perks rewards members also have access to exclusive offers and earn “crowns” on qualifying purchases that can later be redeemed for eligible menu items.


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