Checkers And Rally’s Offer New Double Bacon Tangler Burger As Part Of New $5 Duo Deal At Select Locations


Checkers and Rally’s look to add fancy steakhouse flavor to their premium burger menu with the introduction of the new Double Bacon Tangler at select locations in Indiana and Michigan.

The Double Bacon Tangler Burger itself features two 100 percent beef hamburger patties topped with crispy onion tanglers, grilled bacon crumbles, melty Swiss cheese, and rich and creamy peppercorn sauce, all served on a toasted seeded bun.

In addition to the new burger, participating locations are also offering a new $5 Duo deal where you get a Double Bacon Tangler Burger and a value-sized 16-oz drink for just 5 bucks.

The burger can also be enjoyed on its own for a suggested price of $3.69, although pricing may vary by location.

You can find the Double Bacon Tangler Burger at select Checkers and Rally’s locations across Indiana and Michigan for a limited time.


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