Church’s Chicken is once again offering Bourbon Black Pepper Smokehouse Chicken at participating locations nationwide for a limited time.

Bourbon Black Pepper Smokehouse Chicken features a half chicken marinated in a smoky seasoning for hours. It’s then cooked without batter or breading until crispy. And for the finishing touch, a rich bourbon-glaze described as “sweet-yet-mellow,” and cracked black pepper.

“Un-battered, un-breaded and unrivaled,” the returning item offers a savory taste of summer.

The Bourbon Black Pepper Smokehouse Chicken comes as part of a meal with a honey-butter biscuit and a side for $5. You’ll also find a Family Meal option on the menu. It includes 4 half chickens, 3 large sides, and 6 Honey-Butter Biscuits starting at a suggested price of $25.

The Smokehouse Chicken is available now at Church’s Chicken restaurants across the country through the end of summer, while supplies last. So get it before it’s gone.


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