Church’s Unveils New Campfire Smokehouse Chicken And New Wild Berry Cobbler


Church’s Chicken celebrates the return of smokehouse season with the launch of the new Campfire Smokehouse Chicken.

Weighing almost a full pound, the new Campfire Smokehouse Chicken features a half-chicken, marinated in a savory campfire seasoning, and fried up crisp, juicy, and tender without batter or breading. It’s then brushed with a rich, smoky molasses glaze to give it that true campfire flavor.

Church’s Chicken’s Campfire Smokehouse Chicken is available as part of a $5 combo and a $20 family meal.

For $5, you get a half chicken, featuring bold smoky flavor and Texas-sized taste, served with a regular drink, your choice of any regular side, and a scratch made Honey-Butter Biscuit.

Starting at $20, the Campfire Smokehouse Family Meal includes two half chickens, six tenders, a large mashed potatoes, a large cole slaw, and four Honey-Butter Biscuits.

In addition to the new chicken recipe, Church’s is also offering a new Wild Berry Splash Tea and Lemonade and a new Wild Berry Cobbler.

Described as the perfect summer treat, the Wild Berry Cobbler consists of sweet strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries layered with the chain’s signature Honey-Butter Biscuit.

Have you tried the new Campfire Smokehouse Chicken at Church’s? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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